What is your approach to a shoot?

I strive to develop an empathy with my clients that allows me to capture emotionally charged and highly personal images.

Where do you find inspiration?

I’ve always found the outdoor environment to be the most stimulating backdrop in which to create a memorable image.

What does a typical shoot involve?

I limit myself to one shoot per day, as this allows for the best results. Each shoot is very individual so times and locations can vary, however most shoots last from between 2-4 hours in a place that has a significance to my clients.

I always ask my clients to bring several outfits to wear to give the greatest variety and consideration is given to any special requirements, particularly in the case of young children.

Which photographers do you admire?

The intimacy of the images that Nicholas Nixon creates with children are inspirational. Robert Frank and Martin Parr’s highly personal images also strike a chord with me.